Alison Stenmark SC Barrister | Wardell Chambers Sydney
Bachelor of Laws Sydney University
1977-1985 Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW
1985 Admitted to the NSW Bar
2002 Appointed Senior Counsel
2000-2002 Member of the Bar Council of the NSW Bar Association
Professional Conduct Committee Member
2004 - 2009 Administrative Decisions Tribunal – part-time
Non-Presidential Judicial Member in the Legal Services Division
Member of the Family Law Committee of the Bar Council
2008 Completed IAMA Course and obtained Practitioner's Certificate
Currently Member of the Family Law Committee of the Bar Council
Member – Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators (IAMA)

Appearances before Royal Commissions, Tribunals, Inquiries and Inquests:

  • Slattery Royal Commission in the Chelmsford Private Hospital
  • Gyles Royal Commission into the Building Industry;
  • Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service for the Police Service;
  • Police Integrity Commission;
  • Star City Casino: Inquest into the Death of Peter Dalamangas;
  • Hardie Inquiry chaired by Jackson QC (on behalf of Power Stations)
  • ICAC Inquiries
  • PIC Inquiries

In my civil practice, both as senior and junior counsel, I have appeared in cases involving various areas of civil law including tort, contract, commerce and family law. I have acted for private clients in NSW and Victoria and for Government Departments in NSW. Some of the cases in which I appeared involved lengthy and complex issues of law and fact. I have also appeared for liquidators and have been briefed on behalf of Lawcover and appeared before the Medical Tribunal. I have acted for plaintiffs in professional negligence (medical and legal) cases.

I have also appeared both as Defence counsel and as Prosecutor in many criminal cases, including serious sexual assaults, social security fraud, embezzlement, receiving, false pretences, drug importation and use, conspiracy, culpable driving and many cases concerned with summary offences. I have also acted for the Department of Community Services in child sexual abuse cases and the Department of Fair Trading in cases concerned with false and misleading conduct in trade and commerce.

I have acted in resumption/valuation cases against the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). The same or similar principles would apply in any resumptions by Council.

Since being appointed Senior Counsel, I have maintained a diverse practice, for example:-

  • I appeared with Jackson QC in the High Court of Australia in A v State of New South Wales, now the leading Australian case on malicious prosecution and false arrest;
  • I am briefed by the Crown as Senior Counsel in complex matters concerning serious sexual offenders and give advice and appear when necessary in relation to applications opposing release or imposing conditions upon release;
  • I have recently advised and appeared in employment/contract matters, two of which resulted in Special Leave Applications in the High Court;
  • I have appeared in Common Law matters including professional negligence claim and claims under insurance policies.
  • I have appeared in complex commercial matters (oppression suits and join venture agreements) in the Family Court of Australia. These have been heard in the Family Court by virtue of its accrued jurisdiction.

I have completed the IAMA mediation course and obtained the relevant certificate and have conducted mediations in various areas of law.