Bharan Narula

Bharan Narula

Bharan Narula

2010, Bachelor of Laws: University of Technology, Sydney

2010, Bachelor of Science (Medical Science): University of Technology

Sydney 2009, Niels Bohr Institute and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Called to the bar 2016

Admitted to practice in 2010 and called to the Bar in 2016, Bharan accepts briefs in matters at first instance and on appeal in both civil and criminal law jurisdictions.

His civil law practice has seen him briefed in a wide variety of matters for government bodies, corporations and individuals, ranging from public/administrative law matters and contractual disputes, to matters pertaining to succession, probate, wills, equity and family provision. He has a strong interest in appellate, constitutional and administrative law.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in criminal law, Bharan has appeared both led and unled in a wide variety of matters for both prosecution and defence. Such experience has ranged from government, corporate and regulatory prosecutions relating to cartels; acting for government departments; prosecuting work, health and safety matters; as well as appearing in criminal appeals and trials for prosecution and defence. He also appears for both Legal Aid NSW and the Commissioner of Corrective Services before the New South Wales State Parole Authority.

Prior to being called to the Bar, Bharan gained significant experience in the criminal law field for six years, having worked at Nyman Gibson Stewart (as it then was), the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) and Legal Aid NSW. Such experience saw him regularly appearing in the Children’s Court, Supreme, District and Local Courts of New South Wales and the State Parole Authority. Previously, he also worked as a paralegal and gained experience in corporate law, insolvency, intellectual property, shareholder agreements and the provision of general corporate advice.

Bharan holds a LLB and BSc(MED) from the University of Technology, Sydney. He also attended the University of Copenhagen in Denmark with an exchange scholarship and received distinctions in International Space Law and Mathematics (Chaos Theory) at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Practice Areas

Administrative and Public Law
Common Law
Criminal Law
Inquests and Commissions of Inquiry
Professional Negligence


2016–present, Barrister, Wardell Chambers

2015–2016, Solicitor, Legal Aid NSW

2011–2015, Solicitor, Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT

2009–2011, Solicitor, Nyman Gibson Stewart

Publications and speaking engagements

B Narula, The Veiled Sceptre: Reserve Powers of Heads of State in Westminster Systems by Anne Twomey (2020) 31 Public Law Review 324 at 328-333.

B Narula, The Defence Power, Chapter III and Service Tribunals (2020) Summer Bar News at 30-31.

B Narula, The Duty of a Member of Parliament and Exclusive Cognisance (2018) Spring Bar News at 35-36.

The Standard of Proof: Beyond Reasonable Doubt presented at Wardell Chambers CPD Conference in 2018.

Parole FAQ, March 2015.


Member, Australian Association of Constitutional Law

Member, Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History

Member, New South Wales Bar Association

Selected Cases

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions v Haddad, Daher & Ors [2019] NSWCA 55 (Bell P, White and Brereton JJA) – Acted for the applicant in judicial review proceedings, prosecutions brought without requisite consent of the Commonwealth Attorney-General (unled).

May v Commonwealth of Australia and Helicopter Resources (No 2) [2019] ACTMC 31 (Theakston M); May v Commonwealth of Australia and Helicopter Resources (No 1) [2019] ACTMC 20 (Theakston M) – Acted for the prosecution in criminal proceedings brought against the Commonwealth of Australia and Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd for contraventions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) (led by P Neil SC, C Jacobi).

Wood v State of New South Wales [2020] HCATrans 114 (Nettle and Gordon JJ); [2019] NSWCA 313 (Gleeson and Payne JJA, Simpson AJA); [2018] NSWSC 1247 (Fullerton J) – Acted for the State of New South Wales in malicious prosecution proceedings brought by Gordon Wood (led by P Neil SC, A Williams).

Obeid v The Queen [2018] HCATrans 54 (Bell, Keane and Edelman JJ) (led by P Neil SC, R C A Higgins SC); (2017) 96 NSWLR 155; 250 ALR 103; [2017] NSWCCA 221 (Bathurst CJ, Leeming JA, R A Hulme, Hamill and N Adams JJ) (led by P Neil SC, V McWilliam) – Acted for the respondent Crown in appeal against conviction and sentence. Inter alia, questions about the content of the duty of trust owed by a member of parliament and the contours of exclusive cognisance.

Reckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty Ltd v GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd [2018] FCAFC 138; (No 2) [2018] FCAFC 153 (McKerracher, Yates and Gleeson JJ); (No 2) (2018) 133 IPR 190; [2018] FCA 1; (No 3) [2018] FCA 183 (Foster J) – Acted for GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd in a misleading or deceptive advertising matter, consideration of adequate foundation in body of scientific knowledge (led by R Cobden SC, H P T Bevan).

Dickson v R (No 2) [2018] NSWCCA 183; (No 3) [2018] NSWCCA 242 (Macfarlan JA, Schmidt and Wilson JJ) – Acted for respondent Crown in an appeal against conviction and sentence where previously determined (led by M G McHugh SC).

Obeid v R (No 1) [2016] NSWCCA 320; (No 2) [2016] NSWCCA 321 (Bathurst CJ, Hoeben CJ at CL, R A Hulme J) – Bail pending appeal (led by M G McHugh SC).

Shannon & Anor v Steinmetz [2019] HCASL 332 (Gageler and Keane JJ); Steinmetz v Shannon (2019) 99 NSWLR 687; [2019] NSWCA 114 (White, Brereton JJA; Simpson AJA) – Acted for widow of deceased in family provision matter involving questions of the freedom of testamentary disposition (led by L Ellison SC).

Strang v Steiner [2019] NSWCA 143 (Macfarlan, White and McCallum JJA) – Acted for appellant executors in family provision matter (led by L Ellison SC).

Colegrove v Dullaghan [2016] NSWSC 1105; (No 2) [2016] NSWSC 1236 (Robb J) – Acted for plaintiff in matter propounding an informal testamentary instrument (led by L Ellison SC).

Spatt v Benson; Benson v Spatt [2019] NSWSC 1195 (Kunc J) – Acted for plaintiff co-executor beneficiary, judicial advice proceedings, costs (led by L Ellison SC).

R v CR [2019] NSWDC 884 (Wilson SC DCJ) – Acted for offender on sentence, produce child abuse material (unled).