Peter Neil SC

Peter Neil SC

Peter Neil SC

Called to the bar 1977

Appointed Senior Counsel 1996

Peter Neil SC was called to the bar in 1977 and took silk in 1996. He has practised across a range of jurisdictions, conducting many complex civil and criminal trials.

In the common law jurisdiction, Peter specialises in intentional torts and negligence claims (including professional negligence and as a sub-set medical negligence as well as a full range of actions based on negligently inflicted personal injury and injury to property).

In the criminal law jurisdiction Peter specialises in a broad range of criminal prosecutions both as a senior prosecutor and senior defence counsel. He has conducted many large trials in each capacity, including significant cases at the cutting edge of their respective areas of existing and developing law.

Peter is an experienced appellant advocate, having conducted many appeals before the NSW Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal, as well as appeals before the High Court of Australia, and a range of special leave matters, both supporting and opposing grants of special leave.

Peter is an experienced mediator and has acted as such in a broad range of matters as well as for parties in mediations, settlement conferences and the like both in the civil and criminal jurisdictions.

In addition to traditional court work, Peter has been briefed as both counsel and senior counsel by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the former Police Integrity Commission. He has also conducted inquiries as an Assistant Commissioner of the ICAC.

Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Common Law
Criminal Law
Inquests and Commissions of Inquiry
Intentional Torts
Medical Negligence
Professional Disciplinary
Professional Negligence
White Collar and Corporate Crime