Vahan Bedrossian SC

Vahan Bedrossian SC

Vahan Bedrossian SC

1998, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (University of Sydney)

1996, Bachelor of Economics (Honours) (University of Sydney)

Called to the Bar 2000

Appointed Senior Counsel 2020

Vahan’s principal areas of practice include commercial disputes (particularly those involving issues of corporations law, equity and insolvency), contractual disputes and real property disputes.  He regularly advises and appears on behalf of liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy, as well as on behalf of parties resisting the claims brought by liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy.

Vahan appears both in first instance trials (including long and complex trials involving large volumes of documentation) and at appellate level (including frequently in multi-day appeals).

Vahan adopts a careful and precise approach to all matters.  He believes that the time and effort spent at the outset determining an appropriate strategy ultimately delivers the greatest opportunity for achieving a successful and cost-effective result.

Vahan believes in keeping submissions short and to the point.

Practice Areas

Conflict of Laws
Land Law
Professional Negligence


2000-2023, Senior Counsel and Barrister and Head of Chambers, Edmund Barton Chambers

2023-Present, Senior Counsel, Wardell Chambers

Selected Cases

Soulos v Pagones [2023] NSWCA 243:  appeared at 3-day appeal hearing on behalf of executors of estate worth over $30 million in relation to multiple applications under the Succession Act 2006 (NSW).  First instance proceedings comprised a 3-week hearing (Re Estate Soulos [2022] NSWSC 1507).

Bellas v Powers [2023] NSWSC 1198:  appeared for lenders in relation to loan and mortgage dispute (including arguments concerning penalties).

Gleeson (Trustee) v Soong [2023] FedCFamC2G 819:  appeared for trustee in bankruptcy concerning claim to real property and proper construction of time-period calculations under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth).

Alexakis v Masters (No 2) [2023] NSWSC 509:  appeared at 2-week hearing for beneficiary under will in respect of estate worth over $30 million, including allegations of unconscionable conduct against recipient of primary benefits under will.

Metstech Pty Ltd v Park (2022) 165 ACSR 1; (2022) 171 IPR 298:  appeared at 3-week hearing for defendant in respect of shareholder dispute, including allegations of tortious conspiracy, oppressive conduct of affairs of company, and ownership of intellectual property associated with the design of communications networks for underground mining.

Hibbitt v Ziade [2022] NSWSC 904:  appeared for beneficiary raising issues as to the proper construction of a significant gift under a will.

Murdoch v Mudgee Dolomite & Lime Pty Ltd (in liq) [2022] NSWCA 12; (2022) 398 ALR 658:  appeared at 2-day appeal for shareholder and director involved in dispute with co-shareholder and co-director regarding breaches of directors duties and fiduciary duties.  First instance proceedings comprised a 3-week hearing (Mudgee Dolomite & Lime Pty Ltd v Murdoch [2020] NSWSC 1510).

Osei v PK Simpson Pty Ltd (2022) 106 NSWLR 458; [2022] NSWCA 13:  appeared for appellant in respect of issue concerning the proper construction of the (NSW) Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014, in particular the scope of the limitation upon recovery of costs in professional negligence claims emanating from personal injury litigation.

MacDonald v Yakiti Pty Ltd (2021) 152 ACSR 284; [2021] NSWCA 114:  appeared for respondent at appeal concerning claims of unconscionable conduct in commercial context.

Good Living Co Pty Ltd atf Warren Duncan Trust No 3 v Kingsmede Pty Ltd (2021) 284 FCR 424; (2021) 159 ACSR 56; [2021] FCAFC 33:  appeared for appellants on appeal concerning whether exercise of legal rights under bank guarantee given in support of lease agreement was unconscionable.

Broadway Plaza Investments Pty Ltd v Broadway Plaza Pty Ltd [2020] NSWSC 1778:  appeared at 6-week hearing on behalf of developer of commercial properties in significant commercial dispute regarding alleged breaches of duties and claims for restitution in respect of monies paid for a $70 million development.

Gongsun and Paling (2020) 61 Fam LR 488; [2020] FamCAFC 244:  appeared for appellant at appeal to the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia from the Supreme Court of New South Wales in respect of gifts between de facto partners and principles of unconscionable conduct and undue influence.

Lianos v Order of AHEPA NSW Inc [2020] NSWCA 193:  appeared at 2-day appeal concerning proper construction of rules of unincorporated association and issues concerning conduct of meetings of association.  First instance proceedings comprised a 3-day hearing (Re AHEPA NSW Inc [2020] NSWSC 138).

Gao v Perry [2020] NSWCA 15:  appeared for appellant on interlocutory application in New South Wales Court of Appeal concerning proper construction and application of cross-vesting legislation as it applies to appeals in which issues of federal law arise by notice of contention.

LSKF Holdings Pty Ltd v Shield Lifestone Holdings Pty Ltd (2018) 128 ACSR 542; [2018] NSWCA 129:  appeared for appellant on appeal concerning whether contractual consideration adequate or illusory in circumstances where question arose as to whether director’s obligation to perform task comprising consideration was an unfettered discretion.

Morris Finance Ltd v Free (2017) 18 BPR 37,223; [2017] NSWSC 1417:  appeared for lender in proceedings concerning proper construction and enforcement of equitable charge, including in context of bankruptcy.

Chamberlain Early Learning Centre Pty Ltd v Precious 1 Pty Ltd as trustee for 4 Chamberlain Holdings Family Trust (2017) 18 BPR 36,895; [2017] NSWSC 189:  appeared for plaintiff in dispute between tenant and landlord, including complex arguments concerning equitable set-off as between rental obligations and choses in action.

Cushman & Wakefield (NSW) Pty Ltd v Farrell [2017] NSWCA 24:  appeared for appellant on appeal concerning issues of construction and interpretation of employment contract and calculation of monies payable upon termination.

Re Waterfront Investments Group Pty Ltd (in liq) (2015) 105 ACSR 280; [2015] NSWSC 18:  appeared for defendants in respect of claims by liquidator concerning directors duties, fiduciary duties and uncommercial transactions.

Arnautovic & Sutherland t/as Jirsch Sutherland & Co v Cvitanovic (as trustee for the bankrupt estate of Adrian Lawrence Rosee) (2011) 199 FCR 1:  appeared for trustee in bankruptcy in proceedings involving issues concerning the creation and enforcement of equitable charges under unstamped instruments and their proper construction.

Master Education Services Pty Ltd v Ketchell [2008] HCA 38; (2008) 249 ALR 44; (2008) 82 ALJR 1322:  appeared (led by Newlinds SC) for the appellant on appeal concerning proper construction of Franchising Code of Conduct and remedial provisions of Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth).  Appeared without a leader for the applicant upon the Application for Special Leave to Appeal.

Mead v Mead [2007] HCA 25; (2007) 235 ALR 197; (2007) 81 ALJR 1185; (2007) 36 FamLR 608:  appeared (led by Fagan SC) for appellant on appeal concerning finding of contempt in Family Law proceedings.  Appeared without a leader for the applicant upon the Application for Special Leave to Appeal.